Elixir Detox Bath Tea

Elixir Detox Bath Tea

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Relax in the romantic and subtle aroma of rose petals and essential oils. Let this special, artisan tub tea blend steep in your bath water and enjoy a bathing experience fit for royalty. 

Brought to us by Elixir Apothecary, Elixir Detox Bath Teas are infused with rose essential oil, lavender essential oil and then mixed with epsom, dead sea and pink himalayan sea salt, Lover's Leap black tea, rose kaolin clay, vibrant red rose petals and lavender flowers.

To use: Place in tub full of warm/hot water and let the bath tea ‘steep’. Lightly squeeze the bag activate the ingredients.

Get to know Elixir's high quality ingredients and commitment to production integrity with these dreamy bath teas. 

Content credit: Elixir Apothecary/ elixirapothecary.com